Those mesmerising waves drove me away,
To a place where reality didn’t exist,
Closer i went, the deeper i searched,
How good it felt to be all away, 
The wind hurried past me,
With my thoughts finding a way to escape,
The search for satisfaction,
And the path to good times,
The craving of lively vibes,
Was what made me an explorer,
The harder the winds rushed pass me,
The closer i got to the real side,
The realisation of reality pushed me to accept,
Accept the unwanted rules of this world,
And how bitter reality was..


Expectations hurt


And then comes the time when its enough. Its enough of the pressure we have upon us and the amount of responsibilities reduce our capability of acting and behaving well. Since the day maturity touches us there are expectations. Even being a student is a responsibility because you have to reach up to the standard your parents expect you to be on. But lets come to the point does anyone realise that apart from all things going on we expect stuff from our self the most, but blame others. We blame our parents to insert responsibilities in our life but never understand why? There’s always this continuous fight we have with our selves and the moment we start arguing its not because we are fed up but instead we are scared of what might happen if we don’t step up to the level we have dreamt of. Its completely true that no one can understand our inner selves better than us but because of the rejection we might face from our self, we basically avoid understanding the truth. Afraid of the consequences, we react weirdly and act as if we have no idea why this happens. But the reality is that expectations break our heart and we certainly never believe that….

Anything destined to be is already ours

Meant to be..

We always try achieving things that aren’t meant to be ours. There’s always this feeling pinching from the inside, that passion to struggle for that one desire, and that motivation that our heart provides in the way of that dream. It’s mostly that blamed feeling, which breaks us afterwards. Anything which is destined to be ours is in reality already ours because God has written it for us, but rushing through timelines in its direction just makes us impatient and broken. But sometimes things that we need the most, care about or prefer the most are basically the wrong ones. “Its just a matter of choice”, well its not if its meant to be its gonna happen. You did not choose your life or personality, it is what is meant to be.,

Love yourself

Its always that “you” who counts. Humans may have similar characteristics but everyone is different. In that whole wide variety of those identical looking creations you face everyday, its only YOU that matters. Is there a way you can escape yourself? At points of life we always try changing ourselves, that foreign pressure somehow presses that inner self so much under ourselves, no one even you can realise that. Change isn’t something meant to be, its you who controls it, only YOU.

Two people can look at the same thing and see entirely different.

Everyone is different in their own way!!

Have you heard anyone saying that two people who look different relate. You will easily believe them by actually getting to know that they have the same favourite colour, food dish, celebrity, movie, songs or a restaurant. But none of the above actually makes sense. As per science every person on this planet has different opinions and mindset. And in case it might not have been proved, we can see that clearly in our surroundings. A person thinking same but looking different actually associates but why do people say that having stuff in common are the ones that basically interrelate. They are fundamentally blind to the fact. The society around us, loves to interfere in others businesses, right? Without thinking or understanding the real point, they just start spreading rumors and gossip. They are always unsighted to the reality, resulting in made up stories and falsehood. Perspectives aren’t compulsory to be based on the environment a person lives in, it’s also about maturity. A child will have an interesting opinion about a normal chocolate but when it comes to a mature adult, he will suggest the child not to eat that kind of stuff because of health issues. What if your younger siblings have the same choices like you? Will you guys be called related! Yes, of course the eyeless society will, but sensible ones won’t! Obviously a child is immature to numerous things so how can he be correlated with someone older than him. So whatever it is every person on this planet is basically different and special.


A fake smile has thousand untold reasons//

Smiling has always been easier than explaining why you’re sad –Unknown

People? What are they? A group of human beings collectively living on a planet called earth. They all look physically similar, but the fact is every person on this planet is different. The functions inside them are same too but the difference arises here, everyone thinks differently and have different hearts. Hearts look same but are completely different. The real heart is made up of feelings and has no shape, it has no proper existence. It is either made of gold, of ice, or stones. Every creature existing on this planet has this imaginary heart. It is called imaginary, but it still exists. Every moment in our life makes us feel different. At times, the feelings change entirely and they are not normal. The feelings I am talking about are the bad ones. Everyone in their lives, get hurt because of specific reasons and some problems are not even worth to explain it to someone.

Then the fake smile appears. It is basically the shield of the questions asked by people on explaining their feelings. No one actually realizes the difference between an actual real smile and a fake one. And so untold feelings remain a secret, which maybe never comes out.

Dreams dont work unless you do

“Never, give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway//” -Earl Nightingale

Dreams twinkle like the stars. Nobody can see them but if searched they are located in our eyes. These small little eyes show big dreams. Even though they are big enough they fit easily in our eyes. Dreams twinkle in our eyes constantly just like the stars twinkle in the sky. Its not important that every dream gets accomplished as stars vanish from the sky too but yeah, the brightness remains forever.

Sometimes i wish accomplishing a dream should have been that easy as seeing it. I never knew how it felt when dreams are broken. It was so easy dreaming and making plans of my life as if whatever i want was going to be mine. I never realized that what if I didn’t get what i wished, would that be normal? Would it be easy handling the pain of losing the image i had in my mind every time? I kept on dreaming, building up hopes and expectations but when the time came nothing happened. I had expected so much but the image in my mind was never portrayed in reality. The dream was broken as if a piece of glass might have fallen to the floor. The fact is I never experienced the pain of sacrificing the thing i desired. I learned that not every dream comes true. Sometimes they are not the thing we need, or sometimes the time isn’t appropriate.